The satellite is based on the Chinese CAST2000 platform. The payload onboard consists of two High-Energy Particle Detectors (HEPD, HEPP) to measure the particle flux and energy spectrum, a Search-Coil Magnetometer (SCM) and a High Precision Magnetometer (HPM) to measure the components and the total intensity of the magnetic field, respectively, an Electric Field Detector (EFD) to measure the electric field, a Plasma analyzer and a Langmuir probe to measure the disturbance of plasma in ionosphere, a GNSS Occultation Receiver and a Tri-Band Beacon to measure the density of electrons.

The Satellite  


High-Energy Particle Detector

Electric Field Detector

Plasma Analyzer

High-Energy Particle Package

Langmuir Probe

GNSS Occultation Receiver

Search-Coil Magnetometer

High-Precision Magnetometer

Tri-Band Beacon