High Energy Particle Detector (HEPD-02)

The HEPD-02 detector consists of:

  • A first trigger plane (overall dimensions 200x180x2 mm3) segmented in 5 counters;
  • A tracker based on five standalone tracking modules, each made of three sensitive planes;
  • A second trigger plane (overall dimensions 150x150x8 mm3) segmented in four counter;
  • A range calorimeter which comprises:

    -  A tower of 12 plastic scintillator planes 150×150×12.7 mm3

    -  A 3×3 matrix of LYSO scintillator150×150×50 mm3

  • A veto system, which surrounds the calorimeter, made of plastic scintillator veto planes.

The energy range explored is 3 - 100 MeV for electrons and 30 - 200 MeV for protons.