The Satellite

The CSES-01 mission is a satellite, 3-axis attitude stabilized satellite, based on the Chinese CAST2000 platform. It will be placed at a 98° Sun-synchronous circular orbit at an altitude of about 500 km. The satellite mass is about 730 kg and the peak power consumption is about 900 W. Scientific data are transmitted in X-band at 120 Mbps. There are two different orbital working zones: the payload operating zone, and the platform adjustment zone. The payload instruments will collect measurements in the magnetic latitude range of  +/- 65°. At higher latitudes (in the platform adjustment regions), all detectors are planned to be switched off, in order to perform the activities of the satellite attitude and orbit control system (AOCS). Each instrument will collect data in two operating modes: ‘‘burst mode’’ and ‘‘survey mode”. The burst mode is usually activated when the satellite passes over the whole China territory and the regions with the strongest seismic activities in the world. The survey mode is planned for other areas of the Earth.



CSES satellite configuration 

Payload Locations