Electric Field Detector

The Electric Field Detector (EFD) measures the variation of the ionosphere electric field due to perturbations from solar, seismic and anthropic phenomena. It consists of about four meter long independent identical sensors installed at the tips of four booms (about four meters long) and it has been designed in collaboration between the Lanzhou Institute of Physics (CAST) and the INFN division of Roma Tor Vergata. Two different engeneering models have been designed and tested in the Faraday Cage at the INFN division of Roma Tor Vergata, and in the Plasma Chamber at the IAPS-INAF Institute in Roma Tor Vergata. 

The EFD Flight Model, assembled by the Lazhou Institute of Physics (LIP), has been optimized taking into account the performance of the two instruments.


 ITALIAN EFD                                                 CHINESE EFD