Italian Electric Field Detector (EFD)

The Italian Electric Field Detector measures electric field in a band of frequencies extending from quasi-DC up to about 5 MHz, subdivided in four bands by a signal processing unit, with a resolution of the order of 1 µV and a dynamic range up to 120 dB in the lower DC-ULF band. The resolution is 40 times better than any other recent instrument of similar feature. A complete prototype of the detector has been realized, including the probe (Fig. 1), the sensor (Fig. 2), the readout and digital processing electronics (Fig. 3).

The engineering model of the EFD has been tested in the Faraday Cage to evaluate the electronic specifications and in the Plasma Chamber to verify the plasma compatibility.


Definition of the frequency bands


                                                                                Fig.1                                           Fig.2                      Fig.3