Plasma Analyzer Test

The measurements on PAP consists essentially in comparing the response of the three sensors (operated by their own GSEs) with the plasma parameters measured by the plasma diagnostic system of the chamber. The test is performed under various magnetic field conditions.

The purpose of the plasma measurements on the CSES Plasma Analyzer Package is to fully testing the response of the sensor in a simulated ionospheric plasma environment. The relevant activity can be described through the following items aimed to:

  1. Test the response of the Plasma Analyzer Package (ion energy, and other relevant plasma parameters) by comparing the results to the values measured by the RPA and LP of the plasma chamber diagnostic system.
  2. Test the response of the Plasma Analyzer Package to different tilt angles with respect to the orbital velocity vector (represented in the facility by the ion beam direction).
  3. Test the influence of the ambient magnetic field intensity and direction on the Plasma Analyzer Package response.


The Plasma Analyzer Package (PAP) installed within the chamber. Left panel shows the payload rear view. Right panel shows the payload front view.