Langmuir Probe Test

The LP payload has been installed in the plasma chamber with the two probes horizontally oriented in a way that their electrodes lie on the central plane of chamber and at the same distance from the plasma source. The measurements on LP consist essentially in comparing the response of the two sensors (operated by their own GSE) with the plasma parameters measured by the plasma diagnostic system of the chamber. The test is performed under various magnetic field conditions.

The main objectives of the tests are:

1- Test the validity of the methods (both hardware and software) applied to acquire the probe current/voltage characteristics and to estimate the relevant plasma density and electron temperature. This item has been carried out through a detailed cross-check between the plasma parameters obtained by the CSES Langmuir Probes and those measured by the LP of the plasma chamber diagnostic system.

2- Test the response of the CSES LP sensors to different tilt angle between the probe booms and plasma beam.

3- Test the influence of the ambient magnetic field intensity and direction on the CSES LP current collection.


The CSES LP payload installed inside the plasma chamber during tests